After photographing weddings with her team for more than 6 years , Nidhi enjoyed every bit of it. However, she realised that never ending client coordination and the challenges of running a business, were overshadowing the creative satisfaction and pure elation she felt on beautifully capturing the moments that mattered to her clients.

This brought Sai into the picture who could fill these gaps perfectly. Sai, having worked as a Software Engineer in a corporate like Infosys & a dynamic firm like Germin8 Solutions, nurtured his technical, leadership and managerial skills profoundly. One night, after a four hour discussion, they decided to embark on yet another journey together and called it PEPPERMINT PICTURES.

We believe that wedding photography is much more than just pretty pictures. It is an experience that should be as delightful as your wedding celebrations! After all, we are the only team that you interact very intimately through your wedding functions, and even after . We want to capture incredible photos and have an amazing time doing it.

Nidhi - the creative force behind Peppermint Pictures - is a complete people’s person! She swears by the fact that at a wedding, it is more important to click with people than to click the shutter...and genuinely beautiful pictures will flow! She was selected as one of the “20 of the Best and Most Popular Candid Wedding Photographers from Mumbai for your Big Day!” by SayShaadi (2014).

Sai is the yin to her yang and together they fit like pieces of a puzzle! He works towards achieving a smooth and satisfying experience right from the time you contact us to the final delivery of your precious memories. Apart from being a software junky and a gadget freak, he is also our go-to person for all technical glitches.


  • Sai and Nidhi are childhood sweethearts. They have been together since the 9th grade. Yes, that's right! Since the age of 14!
  • They got hitched in January, 2015 on their 12th anniversary!
  • Nidhi was a private equity analyst with PwC, when she was bit by the photography bug, while taking pictures on her then Sony Ericsson phone.
  • Goa is their favourite destination! They have been to Goa every year since 2014. It has become sort of a ritual.
  • Sai is crazy about bikes. Although his dream bike keeps changing, his current favourite is the Ducati Superleggera.
  • Sai's full name is "Saisrivatsan Rangarajan Iyengar"!! Sometimes, we feel sorry for our kid!
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